Wednesday, February 11, 2015

When You Are Wrong

How many of you know what to do when when you are wrong  about something?  It should be easy right?   You say I'm sorry and move on.  For many it can be one heck of a challenge.

I'm unsure of how many of you follow or even use "Aunty Acid" sayings, images.  Trust me they are a pure delight and many people have been able to relate to these marvelous creations.

Today I saw one of these sayings on Google Plus and I just had to share it on Facebook.   As you can see it will have you giggling, I sure did lol

It got me to thinking ( as usual lol) what the heck do you do when you are wrong over something is there some magic way of apologizing?

Now we all know  and have been taught that you need to say sorry when your wrong about something but I have noticed that seems to cause a lot of hardship for people.

 One way I know this is that when I did a search on google for " how to say sorry when you are wrong"  there were "About 351,000,000 search results (0.83 seconds)"

OMG that is a lot of people talking about something so simple  as saying your sorry..amazing.

There were people defining the meaning
"An apology is an expression of remorse for something you've done wrong" from WikiHow   ( they even have illustrations if you need them)

Then there was this article
Admitting You Were Wrong Doesn't Make You Weak -- It Makes You Awesome! from Forbes   thats always nice to know.

and of course we need to get into the psychology of saying your sorry  "Go Ahead, Say You're Sorry"  from Psychology Today

The world sure has gotten very complicated in my opinion.

How about we get back to the K.I.S.S. philosophy..when you are wrong ...please just say

Any  questions?

You can find Aunty Acid on
Google Plus
Their awesome website

I strongly recommend going there at least once a day for a good laugh and if you are at work...just say I'm sorry I need a laugh fix for the day

Have a good day everyone

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