Wednesday, November 9, 2011

Has your life been impacted by your name?

Have you ever wondered about your name and have you ever wondered if you share the same name as a criminal?

                                                           image created by Jeff Chance

This is what has happened to Gerry Sandusky, not to be confused with the accused felon Jerry Sandusky and it has made a good man be put in a spotlight that he never intended nor wanted!

The sad reality is that there are hundreds if not thousands  of people who share the same name as criminals and for many, they have lost their jobs and homes. They have been put in data bases and for some the only way they can get resolution is by changing their names altogether.

Did you know there is a site where you can find out "how many of you" (same name) are out there and it is called

Out of curiosity I wondered if there were other people who have the unfortunate(?) name of Jerry Sandusky living in the United States and there are 7 people who are probably going through the same problems as Gerry  and I wonder how they are coping?

I would like to think that just as we should never judge "a book by its cover", also we should never judge a person by their name but the reality is that people will judge and I can only hope that these people will get the support that they need not to be tarnished by the deeds of  one man.