Sunday, November 6, 2011

Mystery of the Googlebot

Pondering the mystery of the Googlebot is like pondering the meaning of life, but when I saw this tweet by my good friend BLOGBloke...I just had to try to help him out!

Some people think that The Googlebot is a happy little thing, spreading happiness everywhere it goes giving giving flowers and smiles to everyone who creates good SEO

Others feel that the Googlebots are stupid because they can't read...yep that is a fact, they cant read.  If you put a word in a title...for example  " A Giant Sucking on ....." beware...a bot might think nasty thoughts and get ya!
OH...the title was " A Giant sucking on a juicy peach"

Then there are those who feel that Googlebots are nothing more than vermin like this fellow who lives off the grid.  In fact this guy has a very interesting take on Googlebot that you really need to read ( has to do with bandwidth)

What is the meaning to Googlebots...well I guess it all depends on whom you talk to...I guess you would have to become a bot to really understand how if feels and like the meaning to life, it will always be a question.